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Pomegranate Tealights

Fresh pomegranate. Ripe strawberry. Tart green apple.
$12.97 $10.38

Apple Leaf Tealights

Apple Leaf Tealights
$12.97 $10.38

Lavender Chamomile Tealights

Relaxing essential oils of lavender, chamomile & sandalwood.
$12.97 $10.38

Mango Mojito Tealights

Luscious mango. Tempting strawberry. Delightful coconut.
$12.97 $10.38

Sugar Cookie Tealights

Creamy butter. Sweet sugar. Smooth vanilla.
$12.97 $10.38

Sweet Pea Tealights

Ripened raspberry. Dreamy sweet pea. Blossoming lilies.
$12.97 $10.38

Cinnamon Vanilla Tealights

Spicy cinnamon. Sweet butter. Heartwarming vanilla.
$12.97 $10.38

Dakota Fig Tealights

Dewy figs. Frosted cypress. Cashmere wood.
$12.97 $10.38

Fresh Watermelon Tealights

Fresh-sliced melon. Juicy strawberry. Nostalgic vanilla.
$12.97 $10.38

Strawberry Lemonade Tealights

Stimulating strawberry leaf. Tangy orange fizz. Effervescent mimosa.
$12.97 $10.38

Cucumber Melon Tealights

Refreshing cucumber. Juicy melon. Light seasonal blossoms.
$12.97 $10.38

Lemon Ice Tealights

Tart lemon. Cool orange. Rich vanilla ice cream.
$12.97 $10.38

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